On My Own Accord: The King of The 3 P’s

The ninth generation Accord (2013 to 2017) (2017 Accord LX Shown Here)
The jack-of-all-trades and reigning king of the sub $15k used car price point

When it comes to buying a car there are three main points us car enthusiasts look out for:

Practicality, Price and Performance

While it is true that some prioritize one or two of these above the other, I’m going to explain how the Ninth Generation Honda Accord checks all the boxes (and more) and why it should be at the top of your used car wish list.

Practicality: Let me start with something shocking but obvious, a car is a tool. Unfortunately, that is something a lot of us car enthusiasts do not want to hear (and I mean, we know it is MUCH more than that), but at the end of the day, our daily drivers are meant to get us driven to our destinations on a daily basis, hence the term daily driver. Getting A to B alive is expected in a car, and there is no doubt that this car will succeed in that regard considering that it has made the IIHS Top Safety Pick for all 5 years of the Ninth Generation’s production. (1)

Safety is one thing, but what about reliability? Well I don’t need to show you any boring numbers to tell you everything you already knew, considering the legendary reputation Honda has upheld in terms of reliability. Bulletproof engines and life proof quality are just part of Honda’s DNA, after all. There’s also no doubt you’ll have all the room in the world to pack in that DNA considering this sedan’s massive interior and trunk space, with room large enough to seat 5 fully grown adults and their baggage with relative ease. Extremely well packaged, this cargo ship-like interior doesn’t boast a cargo ship sized exterior thankfully, making it easy to maneuver and park as well, especially with the standard backup camera.

Price: Cargo ship-like qualities aside, you won’t be paying too much for the shipping and handling. Despite the fact that these are known to hold their value quite well, you can still find your way into a bargain if you move lower down the trims or model years, with low km 2017 base models (which are well equipped enough with heated seats, android auto, and a backup camera) fetching as low as $16,000 on Autotrader or Kijiji autos.

Performance: As car enthusiasts this category is the one that most piques are interest, and lucky for us, the Accord keeps it interesting. While Honda’s “Earth Dreams” 2.4L 4 banger in the base Accord is a punchy and responsive engine enough on its own, the available classic 3.5L J Series VTEC-equipped V6 produces an extremely impressive 285 horsepower. While those aren’t Dodge Hellcat numbers, it does make this bulky sedan hustle to 60 miles in a extremely brisk sub 5 second time, putting it in the class of much smaller and sportier cars like the Volkswagen Golf GTI. Did I mention that either engine can be had with a real, genuine 6 speed manual transmission? If that right there didn’t sell you, the smooth steering and responsive suspension makes this big husky fight corners like a Boston terrier, making you forget your driving a large family sedan.

With so much more to mention, including massive Honda street cred, loads of aftermarket support, and having a spot for 30 years on Car and Driver’s 10 best list (2), it couldn’t be any more obvious why the Accord reigns king in the used car market here.


(1) https://www.iihs.org/ratings/vehicle/Honda/accord-4-door-sedan/2017

(2) https://www.caranddriver.com/features/a15102904/honda-accord-2016-10best-cars-feature/

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